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  • Post by maggie80 14:10, Wednesday

    In my block of 64 flats we pay a total of £28 PA possibly more as this is based on a one bedroom flat and there are two bedroom flats in the block as well.  Would someone please explain...

  • Post by Nikki Haydon 12:02, Wednesday

    Join us for the next  film  session  when we are showing 'Made in Dagenham' on Saturday 10th May starting at 2.00pm. Meet our wonderful student volunteers and enjoy free


  • Post by Jonmojon 17:41, Tuesday

    Hi Everyone

    My annual service charge bill has just come to me.

    Total including CAA and Manual Adjustment £940.56

    Management Charge £266.06

    So Camden's Mis-management charge is now a...

  • Post by Alex Beck 14:35, 18 Apr 2014

    Would you like to get involved in making the Kilburn Festival happen this year? Come to the Power People Meeting to hear about plans for the festival, have your say and let us know how you would...

  • Post by Mary O' 10:00, 17 Apr 2014

    Some camden residents have had kitchens and bathrooms fitted years ago.  I'm still waiting and still haven't heard.  How do they work out who gets new ones - I waited so long I have done...

  • Comment by Michael Moncrieff 15:59, 15 Apr 2014

    Dear Maggie80,

    Thank you for your post. I have referred this issue to the relevant teams and have been advised that the matter was recently identified and an order is being raised for this to be...